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Cannon Beach, Oregon

Over the 2+ years I basically ignored this site, I apologize, there have been many new songs crawl out of the ether and perch on the various branches of the digital world i inhabit these days.

There are mostly instrumentals in various genres and characters as the melody bearers. These will be released as CD and download/streaming series called “Global String Theory”

Then there are some recent vocal songs recorded for a CD and download/streaming series called “Red, Black, and Blue” which contain new material (3) and other songs (3-4) written by me in 60’s and 70’s.

I currently am wearing all the hats except in cleanup of mastering, Sabra, my partner in crime, has a great mind for producing my chaos

You can download and stream here:

Free Downloads by Edward Jenny Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Stay well and enjoy the quiet time



Edward Jenny Music website

finally getting close to a new version of our website with more of a focus on the current available albums.

I am currently finishing up spring quarter refreshing my web and mobile dev skills.
My primary project in class is this website, so I will have a reasonable ‘portfolio’ project to show for it and use on my resume LOL

anyhow I can’t wait. and once the basic site is up I will be adding other facets like my art and photography which already sells online through Zazzle and CafePress. And of course there will a resume page because like most musicians these days one needs a day gig or two to keep it all going, mine for the last 25 plus years has been in software at Microsoft, ATT, LiveAreaLabs/PFSWeb, WorldVision, etc.

will let you know when this is out there …

btw “blues in the key of hope” is available as downloads at CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Edward Jenny


“Life” includes hobbies

So this blog began as something to discuss my music creating and production, but i find that i have been expanding my market to include imprints and prints of my photographs.

Currently is the place to find and purchase my current catalog of photo prints on paper, canvas, and metal, as well as greeting cards, postcards, cups and mugs. Zazzle is discounting most product by 40%-50% across the site.

These and my music make good gifts for friends and family.


Edward Jenny

2nd Blues in the Key … album is in final mix

I am fortunate to be able to be my own engineer and mixer, and co-producer with my wife Sabra. As the music makes it’s way onto digital media we spend time working to mold them into a form that will be both energetic and relaxing, which many who own the first two instrumental albums say is what they experience with them.

Blues in the Key of Hope, is in the final stages of mixing and setting the ordering on CD. Then a simple mastering pass. Then  of course picking album art and prepping the CD package. As with the other albums, we will first copyright any and notify our performing rights orgs of intent. Then we put them up as downloads through our distributor, CDBaby, who places them globally with itunes, amazon, etc.

Once there is a budget, we will produce CDs which will also go to to CDBaby and Amazon and any brick and mortar stores that want to carry them.

Slow growing an indie music company.


Edward Jenny

Well, they have arrived

Hi Folks,

Happy to announce CDs for ‘Blues in the Key of Peace’ and ‘Emerald Forest Rhythms’ are available on the following sites, so far, more to come.




We are also starting to get radio airplay and our distributor is working on getting product into ‘brick and mortar’ stores around the country.


Play Network has picked us up for in-store playlists.

iHeart Radio is giving us a shot as well.

And while i am here we are doing final mixes on “Blues in the Key of Hope” for upcoming release.



Edward Jenny

Be well, Peace.

New website being produced …

Sunforest-Waterwahl’s internet production group is putting together an ecommerce website to promote and sell music from Edward Jenny, and possibly other artists. We will be selling CD’s, mp3 downloads, and eventually limited edition vinyl. We will also be creating some graphic materials for merchandise, which is a little further down the road.

There are no current plans for live gigs at this time, but that is on the agenda to put together a performing group.

CD’s will also be available from CDBaby and Amazon.

Thanks one and all for your support. Be well, Peace.