The many flavors of Blues

Grew up in the mid-west, mostly, except when traveling from military base to military base. My father, Thelo M. Jenny, was born in E. St. Louis, his much older brother, Waldo started out in Med school but after the crash of 29, he chose to become an E. St. Louis police officer. At any rate time was spent in this powerful melting pot of poverty, hard living people who’s music was very much full of variations on blues from the delta, St. Louis across the river and some country, jazz, bluegrass, polka, and Dixieland thrown in for good measure. This exposure later served very well when playing in the earliest of local blues rock bands which, opened for many known acts and also got to be on interesting record labels. My favorite writing partner and producer for several years was Abner Spector, whom i met while recording at and for Chess/Cadet Concept.

I have a Soundcloud site as well as many other locations for my music on the internet.

I currently have set another song’ Analog Blues in a Digital World’ from the 2nd instrumental album ‘Blues in the Key of Peace’ as a free download.

hope you enjoy all the streaming tunes … be well, Peace.


Edward Jenny

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