CD’s into production

Packaging production can be a very tedious process, even if one has done it before.

good quality photos have to be chosen and manipulated to appear as correct size and coloring format within a template that often seems as though it is in a foreign language … these very precise templates are provided by the chosen duplication company.

Type faces must be chosen to be clean and legible, paragraph placement in relation to borders and other elements in your layers of Photoshop or which ever tool is used.

All content must be carefully edited and proofread to be sure of accuracy.

finals are a composite of several individual pictures and then must be saved in a PDF to upload to manufacturing. Not jpg or other standard image formats ….

at any rate we have completed and submitted these to our duplication partner along with the music masters from our CDBaby stores to be made into CD’s for sale on CDBaby, Amazon, and other vendors within about 2 weeks time.

you can view ‘Emerald Forest Rhythms’ title in ‘3-d’ here. a little slow to load.

This is exciting for we here at Sunforest-Waterwahl Publishing and Record company.

Thank you for your support.

Be well, Peace.


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