2nd Blues in the Key … album is in final mix

I am fortunate to be able to be my own engineer and mixer, and co-producer with my wife Sabra. As the music makes it’s way onto digital media we spend time working to mold them into a form that will be both energetic and relaxing, which many who own the first two instrumental albums say is what they experience with them.

Blues in the Key of Hope, is in the final stages of mixing and setting the ordering on CD. Then a simple mastering pass. Then  of course picking album art and prepping the CD package. As with the other albums, we will first copyright any and notify our performing rights orgs of intent. Then we put them up as downloads through our distributor, CDBaby, who places them globally with itunes, amazon, etc.

Once there is a budget, we will produce CDs which will also go to to CDBaby and Amazon and any brick and mortar stores that want to carry them.

Slow growing an indie music company.


Edward Jenny

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