Monthly Archives: May 2017

Edward Jenny Music website

finally getting close to a new version of our website with more of a focus on the current available albums.

I am currently finishing up spring quarter refreshing my web and mobile dev skills.
My primary project in class is this website, so I will have a reasonable ‘portfolio’ project to show for it and use on my resume LOL

anyhow I can’t wait. and once the basic site is up I will be adding other facets like my art and photography which already sells online through Zazzle and CafePress. And of course there will a resume page because like most musicians these days one needs a day gig or two to keep it all going, mine for the last 25 plus years has been in software at Microsoft, ATT, LiveAreaLabs/PFSWeb, WorldVision, etc.

will let you know when this is out there …

btw “blues in the key of hope” is available as downloads at CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Edward Jenny