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Digital music production

For countless years i worked in analog mode in studios and gigs, as an engineer and musician. I miss having the gear or access to the gear that supports that rich aural realm.

But by the same token, i have been fully digital for 5 years and find it to be very cool in it’s own right. I have written and recorded many albums worth of instrumentals and a few new vocal tunes as well as re-recording songs i have written in the last 50+ years. We, at Sunforest-Waterwahl publishing are doing our best to complete projects, release them and currently are working finishing package for more of them to produce CD’s

Samples and streaming can be heard at and also found for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDBaby (my distributor and sub-publisher) and many more. Fortunately my music is getting global play and downloads.

Also good that i have a day job because the music business does not support writers like they used to 🙂 But for me the whole point is to get it out there and hope it helps people feel better about the day to day chaos of life in the 21st century on this rock.

Be well, Peace.

Edward Jenny